Who We Are

I’m Jay. I’ve been collecting motel and roadside America Chrome postcards ever since my Grandmother passed away and left me a good-sized box of them in 2005. Then I discovered the greater world of postcard and paper ephemera collectors, and found another insular tribe I could join who might understand why these meaningless pieces of paper could be┬áladen with deep meaning.

I’m just old enough – born in 1967 – to have a strong memory of big, blazing neon motel signs and gaudy motel and restaurant architecture.

Some of it’s still around – but not enough of it. This is a place to preserve it as best I can. I used to do a blog by this same name at www.postcardmotel.blogspot.com, but I kept getting notices that my domain was disappearing, so I figured it best to just start the whole thing up all over again. Enjoy!